Stamped Concrete

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Stamped Concrete

Average Price of Stamped Concrete: $8 per 1 sq ft.
Our prices are much more competitive, with 27 years experience, with quality being our top priority.
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Dr. Concrete and Landscaping Specialists of El Paso, Texas, are experts at stamped or imprinted concrete. Concrete has come a long way from the drab, gray and uninspiring stuff used to line driveways and basements. Now concrete can be dyed or stained in a rainbow of colors, can be polished to a mirror-like shine and can be stamped. This is when patterns are etched into the concrete before it’s dry. These patterns can mimic a great variety of materials, from cobblestones to bricks to wood. Stamped concrete can be made to blend in perfectly with the rest of the house or the landscape. Concrete can even be applied to walls and stamped to resemble brick.

Stamped concrete is quicker to install than brick pavers or cobbles, but it’s still not for the do-it-yourselfer! A properly made imprinted concrete surface needs the right skills and tools. Moreover, the surface will need to be properly maintained if it’s to last as long as it should. The good news is that imprinted concrete can last even longer than regular concrete because of the color hardener that’s applied to it. A color hardener not only gives the concrete its color but makes it water and scratch resistant. Dr. Concrete and Landscaping Specialist will also apply at least a few coats of sealer to make the imprinted concrete even more durable. The homeowner should also not let the concrete come into contact with rock salts and should clean up spills right away. Other than that, most imprinted concrete surfaces only need to be wet or dry mopped occasionally. If there’s a lot of traffic over the concrete, floor wax is also helpful. With these easy maintenance tips, our customers can enjoy their floors or walls for decades!

Our technicians at Dr. Concrete and Landscaping Specialist are bonded, licensed and insured. We also offer our customers a free estimate. Any customer in the El Paso area who’s interested in the beauty of a stamped concrete floor or wall shouldn’t hesitate to call us at (915) 588-2115. Our office is open Monday through Saturday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

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