Stamped Concrete Contractor

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Stamped Concrete Contractor

Average Price of Stamped Concrete: $8 per 1 sq ft. Our prices are much more competitive, with 27 years experience, with quality being our top priority. If interested, Call Mike (915) 588-2115

We are experts at stamped concrete. This is where we imprint patterns in freshly laid concrete. This gives the concrete a look of stone, cobbles, slate, brick, tile, or even wood. Stamped concrete can also be dyed or stained to blend in with other elements in the customer’s property. For example, a stamped concrete that’s dyed blue might echo the color of the house’s window frames. Stamped concrete can be used in driveways, patios, porches, entryways, the decks around pools, and on steps. Lightweight concrete can also be applied to walls, then stamped to look like fieldstone or brick.

Stamped concrete needs to be sealed to protect it against staining. If it’s well maintained it can last for decades, even in climates with hard winters. When it’s reinforced, stamped concrete also lasts a long time on busy driveways or busy walkways. That’s why stamped concrete is also very good for public places like zoos, shopping malls and parking lots. One caveat is that the customer shouldn’t use rock salt to de-ice the concrete for that first winter, because it can damage the sealer. If the surface of stamped concrete begins to fade, it only needs another coat of sealer to be reapplied. We at Dr Concrete can recommend the best sealer for our customer to use.

However, we advise that customers don’t try to stamp concrete themselves! This is definitely a job for a professional contractor like Dr Concrete. There is no room for error with stamped concrete and it takes a great deal of commitment. Moreover, it needs to be finished in one pass. The worker can’t stop and come back the next day to finish the job.

Some trends in stamped concrete include hand tooling to form unique and eye-catching patterns. More and more fabricators are creating new ways and new tools to design stamped concrete. Stamped concrete products include stamps, skins, tampers and rollers that can create all kinds of patterns. There’s a trend toward making large patterns on stamped concrete that don’t require as much work. Other trends in stamped concrete are different types of sealers that give the concrete a more natural appearance.

Once again, customers shouldn’t hesitate to call this contractor, Dr Concrete and Lanscaping Specialist, if they need concrete installed or a landscape designed and built.

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