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Creating a great landscape is an art form as well as a skill. It forces us to utilize all of our skills and creativity to the best of our abilities. Our professionals can help our customers decide what they want to do with their property and can help them work out a budget. The cost of a landscape after all, is not just what it costs to build in the first place, but what it will cost to maintain over the years. The customer will also need to know how much work they’re willing to put into maintaining their landscape. We might recommend planting ground cover that doesn’t grow more than a couple of inches tall and needs very little maintenance to a customer who hates to mow a lawn. We can also help the customer make sure that the landscape complements their building, whether it’s commercial or residential.

We can also help a customer find problems and fix them before the first shovel goes into the ground. Some parts of the property might have poor drainage, a bad view, a difficult slope, or be filled with old tree roots.

Among the many, many things our workers can do to improve a customer’s landscape is add hardscaping like paved walkways, patios and decks. This contractor can find the right sort of plants for the customer’s soil and the amount of light the property gets. We are also uniquely skilled at setting up landscape lighting, which not only enhances security, but can add a certain theatricality to a garden or yard when the customer entertains at night.

We can also add water features like ponds, pools and fountains. We can install walls that not only demarcate the customer’s property, but add a pleasing element to it. We can also build pergolas, arbors and trellises where the customer can train vines and climbing plants.

*Licensed Contractor