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About Dr Concrete and Landscaping Specialist

Dr Concrete and Lanscaping Specialist is the very best in landscape design and concrete installation. We will gladly sit down with our customers and help them plan out the landscape of their dreams. We are also experts at driveway additions, especially when it comes to installing concrete driveways. As a concrete contractor, we know that concrete no longer needs to be the dull gray surface that it was in the past. Now, concrete can be polished, stained, dyed and made to resemble the most expensive sort of stone. Speaking of stone, we also install cultured stone, which adds points of interest to any landscape. We’re also experts at zeroscape installation and rock wall installation. We can install a rock wall with or without mortar.

We can also polish concrete floors. Concrete can be polished to a pleasing matte finish or can be polished to a brilliant, mirror shine, and our professionals know how to do it all. A contractor would use a floor polisher, including a hand held polisher, grinders, different abrasives with diamond grit that range from coarse to very fine depending on what polish is desired, dust collectors, chemical hardeners and other equipment. Clearly, polishing concrete takes a lot of work and can be a bit messy, especially wet concrete polishing, which produces a sort of mud. Concrete polishing is really a job for a contractor like Dr Concrete. But our professionals are always tidy and always clean up after themselves at the end of the work day.

We can also dye and stain concrete to almost any color that the customer wishes. What’s the difference between staining and dyeing? Dyeing gives concrete more brilliant colors in general and has a larger color palette. Dyes work by sinking into the pores in the concrete. Stains actually react chemically with the concrete and are permanent. Dyes also sink into the concrete very quickly and don’t need too much clean up after they’ve been applied. They’re often water soluble, while stains are often acid soluble.

*Licensed Contractor